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Goodbye to Mystere

Théo and I found 6-week old Mystère at a country market, 2 and 1/2 years ago.  Mystère had such an affectionate, patient personality, that we couldn’t resist.  For those first few months, he loved to sleep on our heads or under our chins.  His loud, never-ending purr would keep us awake at night.  Vivi could drag him around like a doll, and he would just relax and go limp.

Mystère loves people, and is often found wherever the kids are playing.  He meets us at the door, like a dog.  Vivianne keeps insisting, “He’s my cat, right?”

Unfortunately, Mystère is ill and the vet is not hopeful.  Our cat could pass away before we return.  We have to say goodbye now, in case we never see him again.  We will miss him so much!

Thanks to our friends J., D., K., and J., for caring for Mystère in our absence.

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The kids were aware that we have a stopover in Los Angeles, on our way to Hong Kong.  What they didn’t know has allowed us all to sleep for the past two months.  Disneyland is, in their imaginations, the most magical, exciting place in the world.

Dan organized a treasure hunt of clues around the house for “the reveal”.  Here they are with the last clue, a photo of Mickey and Minnie.

Theo was overcome with emotion and disappeared into his room.  To show his appreciation, having been told many times how expensive Disneyland is, he came out with the heartfelt contribution of a $10.00 bill.  Vivi offered 75 cents.  We managed to convince them that money wasn’t necessary.

Théo then had another idea and off the kids went again to their rooms.  They came back with these for us:

Théo went on to say, “It’s o.k. Maman et Papa, you don’t have to do this for us, it’s too much, we know you love us . . .  We don’t know how to thank you . . .”   Many hugs and kisses and bouncing off walls (literally) ensued until way past bedtime.

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