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We arrived in Singapore past midnight, to a blast of heat (30 degrees celsius), and humidity (89%)!  We find ourselves to be constantly thirsty.  Luckily, our hotel has a lovely rooftop pool.   Also, air-conditioning is present on the MRT, the buses, and everywhere indoors, so we have not been far from a place to cool off.  Further, every afternoon has brought loud but refreshing thunderstorms.  Running through warm rain is such a novelty!

Much of our time in Singapore has been spent at the city’s three world-class zoos:  the Jurong Bird Park (“The World’s Largest Bird Paradise”), the Singapore Zoo (“World’s Best Rainforest Zoo”), and the Night Safari (“The First, The Only”).  We were able to see an extraordinary variety of birds and animals, and also a few shows featuring extremely well-trained animal stars.  The animals in general did seem quite well cared for, in very large and natural looking enclosures.  There were also free-ranging orangutans, and large walk-through enclosures full of fruit bats, flying squirrels, and various exotic birds.  The Bird Park and the Zoo are also involved in various conservation efforts, such as protecting the 12-wired bird of paradise and the Proboscus monkey.

Although traveling with children is often like window-shopping – you can look but you can’t really go in – we are enjoying the Singapore atmosphere of multiculturalism, varied architecture, general friendliness, and endless food choices (Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, plus English, Western, and everything else, at any price point).  The different neighborhoods are so well-marked out (stemming from Colonial history), that crossing from one into the other is like visiting a different country (e.g. Little India to the Colonial District to China town . . .).

Theo and Vivi have developed a taste for Bubble Tea, Dan seeks out the big multicultural food courts, and I’m partial to fresh papaya and either Iced Kopi or hot Kopi made with espresso and condensed milk.  The kids are still attracting lots of attention, mostly from the many tourists from other Asian countries.  The kids have also developed amazing stamina for our all-day walking tours!

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